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Unlocking opportunities through
financial innovation

We help regulators, fintechs, financial institutions and Venture Capital funds connect to the financial innovation opportunities.

Join thousands of founders, investors, and regulators who read a comprehensive analysis of the financial innovation market every Monday.


About us

W Fintechs is a financial innovation consulting firm. W Fintechs is on a mission to empower our clients to harness the power of technology and innovative business models to revolutionize the financial services sector.


We are a data-driven research and consulting firm specializing in delivering content based on history, fundamentals, and visually easy-to-understand infographics.


Our goal is to provide clients with valuable insights and information they need to make informed decisions in today's fast-paced financial landscape.

About founder

Walter Pereira is an economist and founder of W Fintechs.

With a strong research background, Walter has contributed to financial innovation projects for the Government of Canada, IDB, and other economic development agencies, aiming to enhance financial inclusion and the efficiency of the Latin American financial system. Currently, Walter actively supports fintech entrepreneurs in scaling their businesses across Latin America through consultancy, angel investment, or advising. He also collaborates with Venture Capital funds to identify opportunities within the Latin American ecosystem.

In 2023, he was recognised as one of the most influential figures in the Latin American fintech ecosystem by LATAM Fintech Hub, and he is LinkedIn Top Voice Finance 2023.

Retratos Walter - Redes Sociais (6)_edited.jpg

Some of our


Walter Pereira was co-author of the first Open Finance implementation study in Latin America and the Caribbean. The study helped regulators in the region implement a regulated financial data sharing infrastructure.


W Fintechs has been engaged by the Government of Canada to facilitate matchmaking between Canadian fintech companies interested in entering the Brazilian market. W Fintechs connected these Canadian firms with major banks and fintech entities in Brazil.


W Fintechs was hired to write the first Payment Initiation Manual for the Brazilian market. The manual is an extensive research into how Brazil created the foundations for the implementation of Pix and Open Finance, as well as providing a guide for financial institutions and fintechs to become a PISP.

Some of our participation in events/podcast


Walter Pereira was invited to be one of the first participants in the debut of Forbes Plus, Forbes Brasil's knowledge platform. In his participation, Pereira spoke about the use of artificial intelligence in the financial market, highlighting its challenges and opportunities.


Walter Pereira was invited to co-host Fintech Talks with financial innovation expert Bruno Diniz. In the episode, Pereira and Diniz interviewed Luiz Cezar Fernandes, founder of Banco Garantia and Banco Pactual, which is now BTG Pactual, the largest investment bank in Latin America.


Walter Pereira was invited to be one of the speakers at Fintouch 22, the largest financial innovation event in Brazil organized by the Brazilian Fintech Association. During the event, Pereira addressed the opportunities and challenges of Open Finance in Latin America.

Our services

In-depth studies

W Fintechs provides detailed and comprehensive analyses of trends and developments in the financial innovation sector. These studies aim to offer valuable insights to help companies make informed and strategic decisions.


W Fintechs acts as an intermediary, facilitating the connection between foreign fintech companies and the Brazilian market. This service aims to establish strategic partnerships between companies, promoting collaborations and business opportunities.

Newsletter sponsorships

W Fintechs offers sponsorship opportunities in its newsletter, which counts thousands of subscribers, including investors, founders, and regulators. This allows organizations to promote their products and services to an audience keen on financial innovation. This strategic exposure aims to enhance companies' visibility and reach within the industry.

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